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Who’s me? Emily Brightly!

So, you might (or might not!) be asking who is this Emily Brightly?

Emily Brightly is my new creative brand! ✨

I have been messing about in the art space in the past few years under various names, but nothing fit quite right. Over the past few years I have been sewing children’s toys, making jewellery and painting tiny artworks in my spare time but now things are about to get real.

But as of next Friday I will be a self employed artist.

Holy crapola! 😱

I am throwing myself in the deep end to make this dream to live a full, intentional and creative life a reality. The next year will be focused on working on my art style, taking classses, meeting new people and generally finding a new space for myself and my work out in the world.

I want to live more a more colourful, joyous life – to live ‘brightly’ in the world. Hence the new name. And I don’t know where this will end up but I am sooooo excited to be on the journey! I hope you come along for the ride!

My old website banner with all the bits and pieces I used to create with!

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