Truth time – while I *really* want to make a life (and a living!) out of my art, I constantly struggle with lack motivation, overthinking, procrastination and social media anxiety.

Running a creative small business can be lonely when you are on your own in your studio, or surrounded by people either at your day job or in your family who don’t understand or support your dream of making a go of it.

While I have been fortunate to have a supportive network around me, my chronic overthinking has lead to YEARS of procrastination and an inability to fully commit to being a full time artist. This was totally exasperated during 2020 lockdowns which was a deadly combination of lots of time to think and the guilt of thinking of my tiny self indulgent problems of my art business while the world was on fire.

So here I created my little corner of the interwebs where I am sharing my creative journey and thoughts on the struggles of running a creative small business as an artist in the most honest way possible.

I hope my musing will spark some creative ideas in you, and help you figure out strategies to create a life and business you love. Or if nothing else, when you say “OMG me too!” to any of the thoughts on my blog that you realise you are not alone. Adulting is hard, and extra stressful when you choose to go it alone on a less conventional path of being a creative.

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    Emily Brightly